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Terms & Conditions

Customer Care

I strive to make sure all my art is in its best quality possible, I also am trying to make sure that there is a large selection to choose from so there will be something for everyone. How to contact me with any inquiries about art there is a Contact  section for you to fill out.


If there is anything you would love to see on here please don't hesitate to say hello and tell me what you love!

Privacy & Safety

My site is hosted using Wix and the store uses the Wixstore app. All information provided whether it be subscribing or purchases are secure and safe. As for right now, Paypal is the main method of payment.

Wholesale Inquiries

As of right now, there is no reselling of my art allowed, I have full copyright under Intellectual Property Rights.


Payment Methods


Twitch Commissions

I retain rights to the art that I create, and that I require that my website is posted on your stream if you choose to accept me as your artist, either through timed bot notification or as a link on your page.

I will also promote your stream on my website, if you wish to opt out, it has to be stated. Otherwise I will create at section for you.

Keep in mind that a formal commission needs to be made through the contact form, if payment was made and no information given about the commission it will be taken as a donation until further information is given.

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