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  • If I have questions about art or commissions where do I go?
    Just send me a email via the contact page and I will get back to you as so as possible.
  • Where do I request Twitch commissions?
    Just make a request though the contact form with what you want done and any other details with the package you wish to have made for you.
  • I made a Twitch commission purchase why havent I recieved my art?
    Make sure you have given sufficiant information through the contact form. If you have, do not hesitate to send me messages on progress updates and photos!
  • What camera was used for the photography?
    The camera model used was a Canon Rebel T6i.
  • What do you charge for commission if accepted?
    Tattoo concepts: start at $20 and go up based on detail and time taken. Photo prints: $10 - $20. Pencil sketches: $100 + shipping. Pen sketches: $150 + shipping. Painting: $250 + shipping. Persona (MLP) $60+ if sketches and $40+ digital. Any other type of art commission will be quoted when spoken about, it will be based on materials, time, medium, size, etc.
  • If I have a screen resolution not listed what do I do?
    If your screen is not listed here go to contacts and send a email and state your screen size and a quote will be given. If you have dual screens ie: 1024x786 x2 it will cost $20 instead of $10.
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